Tina Alberino

AKA Alin Walker

Devlog 3: Finalizing Traveler Conditions

Conditions pages are done. New and improved to facilitate replayability and diversify activity!

I’ve been spending most of this week monitoring my youngest son for potty training purposes. For some reason, he’s taking forever to pick the skill up. On top of that, he and I were both a tiny bit sick this week (sore throats, nothing serious), so I didn’t get much done. I did, however, finish the Conditions pages.

I also made changes to the Conditions to give the game more replayability. Previously, Conditions were too narrow. For example, one was “Blue…literally.” Now, this Condition is called Dimensional Residue and gives the player an illustration activity to pursue if they’d like.

All of the Conditions are intended to last as long as they’re useful to the player to explore a scene with the arriving Traveler. That might be fifteen minutes, an hour, or a few days, depending on the player’s preferences. Each are designed to be presented countless ways, so players won’t feel railroaded or get bored with them. After the first game, it should be easy for experienced ITOs to determine how to weave the condition into the overall narratives of their subsequent plays.

As a solo RPG player myself, I greatly prefer replayable games that provide open, evergreen prompts. In designing plane, I hope to offer our players the same experience.

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