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Update 8: Prepping the Runway

I don't know shit about marketing, so generating hype is...uh...hard.

I haven’t been posting updates lately because I have the luxury of being almost completely unknown to the internet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working; I spend every weekday from 9 am until 2 pm working on art, formatting, and rule tweaks.

As of today, Plane: Teleporter Operator Simulator, is almost ready to go to Kickstarter.

The game has expanded considerably—in fact, finalizing these expansions is the reason the game isn’t ready to go to Kickstarter right now. Of course, now that it’s almost time, I’m terrified. I feel completely unprepared, even though I’m confident that we’ve made something that will bring a lot of joy to solo players.

Since I started this project, social media has cratered, except for TikTok, which I’m not outgoing enough for. I don’t know shit about marketing, and despite the fact that I’ve been a career blogger (or maybe because of it), I’m a tiny bit terrified of the internet, especially Twitter. So, I’m left feeling like I’m working in the vacuum of space—which is fine, until you realize you have a Kickstarter campaign approaching and absolutely no marketing runway.

So this week, I’m trying to establish some kind of hype. Plane‘s Itch page is up, and the Kickstarter page is going to be published on February 1st. You can follow me on Kickstarter here if you want to be notified when that happens. I also made my first promotional post on Tumblr today, but it feels a whole lot like screaming into the void. Once the game trailer is done, we’ll be reaching out to my favorite solo and tabletop bloggers, which I’m extremely excited about.

In other news, Plane‘s art style has matured a bit, so I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures!

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